Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

It's been a little while since I posted one of these. I've had a lot going on in my personal life, and I've been scrambling to do NaNo in the midst of everything, so it's been tough. I'll also admit to a little bit of reluctance to give too much away of my books and I was starting to run out of things to post that wouldn't give away my plot points.

However! NaNo means lots of writing, and that means new material. I'm behind on my 50k words this month, but I do have about 28k of new material on a brand new book that no one has seen anything from. So, without further ado, my WIPpet.

Her pace quickened as she hurried toward the club. There was a fence around the building with armed guards patrolling. There was one entrance and a line stretched halfway around the block. Most of the people lined up were scantily clad women desperate to find someone who had money to pay for an hour or two of their time. 

Zeke gritted her teeth and held up one hand to mask her from the other people in the line. Power rippled through the air as she sent out a stream of it. She weaved her way through the throng of people to the guards at the gate. Leaning close, she spoke, her voice whisper soft and her eyes swirling with color.

“Open the gate and let me in.”

The demon stepped back and lifted the latch, swinging the gate open and allowing her to pass. She patted him on the shoulder as she passed, brushing against his arm.

“Good dog.”

For anyone just joining me, a WIPpet is the one day a week you post an excerpt from a current work in progress(WIP). The rules, as they are, are that the excerpt has to have something to do with the date. For example, you just read 11 lines from my novel and the date is 11-20-2013. Then, once you're done posting your own WIPpet, go here to add it to the page. Don't forget to visit the others and leave comments. We creative types thrive on feedback, good or bad, and if you read this, let me know what you think. 


  1. "Good dog." LOL I love that line. Very intriguing bit you've got going on here.

  2. Interesting! I was totally not expecting the guards to be demons. I look forward to reading more of this as you continue to do Nano

  3. hehehe. "Good dog." =0) Your description of the prostitutes, though brief, is very good.

  4. I really liked the good dog comment; you almost wanted to chuckle. Nice flow