Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The terrifying prospect that is really, truly FINISHING a novel.

There are only eight chapters left to be edited in my novel. That means twenty-four have been done. I am 75% of the way through, and with each chapter I've gotten back since around 18, I can feel myself getting more and more nervous about being done.

I don't know if I ever believed I would get here.

Now, my biggest concern isn't how many sentences I start with conjunctions -- answer: WAY too many -- or how to resolve those irksome comma splices. My biggest concern is compiling a list of agents and publishers that take on books in my genre(Supernatural/Urban Fantasy) and that I get a feeling, from a couple paragraphs on a website, would fit with my goals(world domination :-P ). I'm working on blurbs and a synopsis and a cover letter. Trying to sell myself and my book in two pages or less, and struggling with how someone thinks they can tell whether or not my book is worth being published based on 5 or 10 pages.

Seriously, why can I not send the BEST 5 or 10 pages? Or the most exciting 5 or 10 pages? Also, why in hell does not having a HEA ending preclude me from submitting to some publishers? Trust me, in this book, HEA would quite obviously be a copout and me refusing to end the story the way it deserves to end.

Then, there's the fear of rejection, which is inevitable. I think even Charles Dickens would get a few 'thanks, but no thanks' letters in today's publishing climate.

Any advice?

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