Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIPpet Wednesday

Good morning everyone! It's time for WIPpet Wednesday. This morning I'm going to post one of my favoritest scenes from Devil's Despair, which is book two in my series, and will likely be coming out in Spring 2014. I'm still doing some editing on it, which makes it, to me a Work in Progress.

So, for anyone just joining me, what is a WIPpet? Well, it's the one day a week where you post an excerpt from a current work. The only rule is that the amount you post has to have something to do with the date, though it can be as obscure as you can make it. Then, once you've done your own, go to this page and add yours to the list and read all the other great WIPpets people have posted. Don't forget to leave feedback for them, either. We can't grow as writers without feedback.

The last few weeks, I've been posting Alaria/Braxton scenes. Those go over really well. However, I want to save the best bits of that for once the books come out, so today, I am giving you a peek at two other characters from the series. I think, of all the scenes that I have written, that this one has the hottest chemistry you will see. Without further ado, I'll let Greer and Damon take it away. Oh, and this is 23(short) paragraphs for 10-23-2013. Enjoy! Though WARNING!! Slight adult content ahead!

        She knocked with one knuckle before twisting the door knob and poking her head in. “Can I come in?”
        Damon stuck his head out from behind the curtain. “If you only have to pee, sure. Anything else and you can wait.”
        She laughed as she closed the door and sat on the closed toilet. “I just wanted to talk to you about something for a minute.”
        “Shoot.” His head disappeared back into the shower stall.
        “Before the Angel zapped us back in time, what happened in that apartment, I thought we maybe should talk about it.”
        Damon laughed. “You’re blushing really hard right now, aren’t you?”
        Greer laid her palm on her face and felt the burn of her skin. “Probably.” She took a deep breath. “Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a conversation we need to have.”
        His head popped out again. “For some reason you decided to have this conversation when I’m naked and wet?” He wiggled his eyebrows playfully and crooked one finger at her. “Does that mean you wanna join me?”
        Her face flaming and an unexpected knot of desire forming in her belly, Greer snapped at him. “Could you take this seriously, please?”
        Damon laughed from behind the curtain. “I am. Seriously, you and I have known each other for sixteen years. We’re not suddenly going to stop being who we are with each other because I kissed you. I don’t want to go there if anything is going to change that.”
        “You want to go there then?”
        “Stop trying to read between the lines.” The water shut off and his arm burst through the curtains to snag a towel from the hook. “You can be such a girl sometimes.”
        “I am a girl.” Greer wrinkled her nose when he shook his hair and water droplets splattered on her face. He stepped out of the shower with the towel knotted around his waist and went to the sink. “I don’t think it was an unreasonable question.”
        “Stand up.” Damon took three steps to stand in front of her. She gaped up at him.
        “Just do it, Greer.” He held out a hand and pulled her to her feet. “What do you feel?”
        Her brows knitted in confusion. “What do you mean?”
        “Right now, this second. What are you feeling?”
        “Tired and annoyed that you’re not talking to me.”
        He tugged on her arm and turned so that she was pinned between the sink and him. He grabbed her hips and lifted her onto the sink, stepping between her legs so that he was merely inches from her. “Just because I’m not saying what you want to hear doesn’t mean I’m not participating in the conversation.” He placed his hands very deliberately on either side of her legs. “How do you feel now?”
        Greer lifted her eyebrows and tried to ignore the heat coming off of his body and the speed at which her heart beat. She waited several beats to make sure her voice was steady and neutral. “What are you trying to get at?”
        “Do I really have to spell it out for you?”
        Annoyance overriding the other emotions, Greer glared at him. “Apparently.”
        Damon leaned forward until his nose was a centimeter from touching her neck. He breathed deeply and inhaled the scent of her skin, then let his breath, damp and hot, skim over her as he exhaled. “How do you feel?” He nudged her neck with his nose. “Is your heart racing?” His hands lightly ran up her thighs to grasp her hips, and he pressed his lips to her throat to feel her pulse racing. “Do you feel hot?” He jerked her forward, just a little bit roughly, until her hips were anchored against his and the fabric of the towel was dangerously close to slipping down his body. “Is your blood pounding in your ears?” He scraped his teeth over her skin. “Are you wet?”
        Greer’s eyes were closed. She concentrated on her breathing, trying to keep it even. Her skin was flaming, and it was all she could do not to gasp for breath at the onslaught of his questions and the proximity of his next-to-naked body.
        He brushed his lips over her collarbone so lightly that all she felt was the promise of contact. Her whole body shuddered in a shiver of anticipation. He let one of her hips go and reached up to flick one of her nipples through her shirt. The tightly beaded flesh was clearly visible through the thin fabric, and he rubbed it gently with his finger. A bolt of desire shot through her.
        “How do you feel?” He lifted his head so that his eyes bored into her, hot and intense. When she didn’t answer, he chuckled and stepped back. She was immediately cold from the loss of his body heat. Her eyes snapped open, and she stared at him with a mixture of want, need, and confusion. He shrugged carelessly and opened the door to his bedroom. “Until you can answer that question, this goes no further. Think about it, Greer. Let me know when you decide what you want.”


  1. Editing, always a love/hate thing. That's cool you're planning on a Spring 2014 release.

  2. Day-um! Okay, that was cruel on his behalf and yours. Very skillfully written. I think my heart was pounding just reading it.

  3. Editing is ... well, Jae described it best. Best to you on that Spring release.

    I think I like Damon. He's fun. :-D

  4. What a great excerpt, thanks for sharing - and I'll keep an eye out for this release. :)