Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIPpet Wednesday

Today is Wednesday! I know, I know. It's been a while since I posted a WIPpet, but I'm back now with one. For those who want to join in, a WIPpet Wednesday is the one day a week that you post an excerpt from a current work in progress. The only rule is that the amount you post has to have something to do with the date. For example, today is October 2nd. You could post two lines, two sentences, two paragraphs, two pages, or two chapters.

So, what am I posting today? A sneak peek at Devil's Salvation, the fourth book in my series. Without further ado, here are two paragraphs out of Chapter Ten

             Dooley handed her a paper. “There’s a spell, which is simple enough. I’d let Aradia do the casting, though, since she’s the one with the most power over that sort of thing. It’s what you need to do the spell that’s interesting. You need Lucifer’s blood, Michael’s blood, Griffin’s blood—which you can get from the knife if I’m translating things correctly—and it has to be mixed in the vessel in which Christ’s blood was caught.”
             Braxton laughed. “The Holy Grail? The fucking Holy Grail? So you’re telling me that we have to capture the five nastiest creatures on the planet, carve their wings off, keep them secured while we do all the others, then we have to summon Lucifer from Hell, take his wings, then take his blood and now we have to find the goddamned mother fucking Holy Grail?” He made a frustrated noise in his throat and glared at the priest. “Do I look like Monty Python or Indiana Jones to you?”


  1. Had me hook, although I'm lost because I didn't read the other books.

  2. LOL!! 'I fart in your general direction!' I love the monty python movie, that last line really cracked me up. Braxton's reaction was awesome. Welcome back to WIPpet Wednesday!

  3. I could easily develop a crush on Braxton. And Monty Python is priceless.

  4. I loved the line "Do I look like Monty Python or Indiana Jones to you?"

    Seriously though, I don't blame her for freaking out. That sounds like a seriously intense spell!

  5. Adding my love to that last line. But I'm sure all those tasks will be a piece of cake, right, what could *possibly* go wrong?