Saturday, September 21, 2013

Andrea Zug Part 2

Here is the excerpt from one of Andrea's current works. If you haven't checked out her awesome interview, check the archives!

Jim Wilshire pulled in front of his dad's house. He pulled his walkie-talkie out of the handset and attached it to his belt. He glanced at the house for a moment before exiting the vehicle. Jim didn't like the fact that his dad lived out here all alone. Try as he might Jim couldn't convince him to move closer. No siree, he would say, this is my home and ain't no damn delinquents gonna run me out of it.
Jim smiled in spite of himself and admitted that his dad was his hero and he wouldn't change a thing about him. He would never admit that, of course, but it was the truth. He saw the curtains move slightly as he opened the door of his truck. Ever vigilant, that was his old man.
Ned opened the door when he heard Jim's footsteps stop. He smoothed down his hair and hoped he was dressed okay. One thing Ned Wilshire didn't need was for his son to go on another rant and insist he move. If he showed any sign that he couldn't take care of himself it would lead to another argument.
     "Afternoon son, come on in." Ned stepped aside to let Jim pass.
     "Have any coffee made? I could use a cup."
     "Course I do. If I'm awake there is coffee in the pot. We can talk in the kitchen. You workin today? Ned took a cup from the cabinet just to the left of the coffee pot. "See ya got the truck."
Jim accepted the steaming cup of coffee Ned offered. "Yeah. I like the truck better. I fit in it." Jim laughed. "We have these new walkie-talkies." He pulled it from his belt and handed it to his father. "Now I can be in touch even if I'm not driving the cruiser."
Ned looked the rectangular walkie-talkie over and shrugged his shoulders. "It work alright? It don't look like much."
Jim laughed again. "It works fine dad and I can be in touch regardless of where I am."
     "If it's good enough for you then it's okay by me." Ned took a sip of his coffee and looked sideways at his boy.
     "You workin on anythin interestin? Maybe need some advice or somethin?"
     "Now dad you know that I can't discuss specifics." Jim cautioned.
     "Sure I know that, I ain't dumb. Just wanted to know what my boy is mixed up in."
Jim looked at his dad and smiled. "I just finished a crime scene, downtown." He held his cup out for a refill and gave his dad some time to think.
     "Wouldn't be the murder at Dino's would it? I heard it was a bloodbath. What was it seven or eight dead?"
Jim took the refilled cup. "Thanks, good coffee dad. Yeah it was pretty bad. What makes it interesting is that there was a second crime scene in the alley.
     "You don't say. Related to the one inside?" Ned knew how to ask the questions in a way that required no details.
     "I can't be sure but I don't think so. How about a stogie dad?"
Ned cocked his head and squinted. "You tryin to trick me into somethin? The doc told me not to smoke."
     "Yeah, I know that dad." A big smile spread across his face. "I also know that you don't always do what doc tells you to do." Jim pulled a cigar from his inside pocket and bit off the end. "Mind if I have one? Just so you don't tell doc, he told me the same thing." Jim struck a match and placed it under the tip and inhaled. Soon the stogie was lit and smoke curled into the air.
     "Well," Ned began, "as long as you don't say nothin either, don't mind if I do."
Jim handed Ned a cigar, leaned back and watched him light it. "Like it?"
Ned inhaled deeply and blew smoke rings into the air. "Nice and smooth. Yep, I like it."
For a few minutes neither said anything. They just drank their coffee and smoked their cigars, comfortable with each other, enjoying each others company.
Ned was the first to break the silence. "I don't suppose you have any idea who done it."
Jim shook his head and grimaced. "Nope. I just got the case this morning. One thing I can tell you is that whoever is responsible is one sick son-of-a-bitch."
     "Ya think these kids might be involved?" Ned yawned and poured himself another shot of coffee.
     "I seriously doubt it. These damn kids are mean but whoever did this was ruthless and viscous. I doubt the juveniles had any part in this."
     "You learn any more about Angela's friend, the one who was kidnapped?"
Jim raised his eyebrows. "Angela? So the two of you are on a first name basis huh?"
Ned chuckled. "Course we are. I helped her out of a bad spot."
     "I know you did and you better never do anything like that again. Suppose they had ambushed you? Jim emphasized his words with the index finger of his left hand.
     "Don't you go pointin that finger at me. Remember who used to turn you over his knee and beat your britches. I could still do it now, if need be."
Jim threw his head back and laughed out loud. "I just bet you could. As I recall my ass was red for two days."
     "I think you might just be makin that fish a little bigger than it really was."
     "So." Jim stood. "What you're saying is that I'm telling a fish story, a story that is exaggerated?"
Ned stood and faced his son. "That's what I'm saying alright. What are you gonna to do about it?"
     "I think I'll kick your ass old man." Jim put his cigar in the ashtray and rolled up his sleeves.
     "You better roll them pant legs up too whippersnapper cause you're stepping in shit now that you won't git out of so easy."
     "Is that a fact? Well let's get to it then." Jim waited until Ned stood and put his stogie down. Then he led with an open handed right. Ned sidestepped and felt the wind as the hand swooshed past. He countered with a right of his own that caught Jim squarely on the left side of his face.
     "Lucky one old timer." Jim once again led with his right but followed it with a left. He caught Ned with the left. This went on for five minutes. Jim said uncle first, as he always did. Ned laughed  and sat down.
     "You just been man slapped, bitch."
Jim laughed until his side hurt. "That is wrong in so many ways dad."

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