Monday, September 23, 2013

Tracee Ford Part Two

Yesterday I featured Tracee's interview, and today, here is an excerpt of her newest book, Idolum. Enjoy!

Running became tiring. She felt like she ran for hours. The adrenaline rushed through her veins, making her shake. She saw the full moon very high in the sky and could feel the dirt beneath her bare feet. The wind felt cold against her bare skin; so cold she couldn’t even sweat. She tried hard to catch her breath, but the chase kept her lungs from taking in much air.
Suddenly she felt someone grab her around her waist and lift her off of the ground. She screamed, but no one came to help her. She fought the attacker, but she couldn’t see his face. She swung, trying to use her training to fend him off, but she wasn’t successful. She felt her underpants pull to the side. She knew he would penetrate her one more time. Would she die? She wondered.
She separated herself from her physical body to avoid the pain of violation. No matter what, she still smelled the familiar cologne. Even though she felt as if she stood outside of her body, she clawed at her attacker, knowing if she were found dead at least she would have his DNA under her nails. She knew his carelessness would finally catch up with him. His attraction to her had been personal and his loss of control would finally hold him accountable. This gave her comfort as he continued raping her.
When he was done, he grabbed her by the hair and began beating her head against the cold ground. She struggled to stay awake, but failed miserably with the last blunt blow to the back of her head.
Her eyes opened to blackness. The only thing she related it to was when she used to cave dive in college. It had been the most intense darkness she had ever experienced. She ran her fingers over her body feeling her clammy skin. She felt underneath her, the surfaces were smooth. She knew there would be a lighter somewhere near her. She felt with her fingers and there it was. She pulled it to her and lit it. The darkness vanished momentarily as she looked around seeing dirt. It had happened. He buried her alive, just like he had the others. She didn’t know how long she was out. A day was all she had.

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