Sunday, September 22, 2013

Interview with Tracee Ford

Today I am featuring an interview with Tracee Ford, a personal friend of mine, and the author of both Idolum and Between Worlds Volume One: The Fine Line. Here, she'll answer some questions about her writing!

1.       What made you start writing? I had always loved telling stories growing up. I remember in the 2nd grade, by best friend and I made up skits and used characters from The Wizard of Oz and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I am an only child, so things got pretty boring sometimes, so when I was sixteen, out of boredom, I decided to write my first novel. It actually came to me from a dream and I remember waking up at 3 a.m. and writing everything down I could remember. The next day I started. I used my typewriter to create the book and the help of my high school boyfriend to develop he characters and some of the plot sequences. So I guess, when that book is published, I suppose I will have to end up giving him some credit.

2.       What genre do you write in and why? I write in a variety of genres. Paranormal, romance, crime novels. I don’t believe in boxing myself in.

3.       What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten about being an author? The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to not give up, even when it was hard to keep the faith. My best friend read my first book and told me that someone out there needed to read it. Another friend of mine told me that someday someone would share my work with the world. So, even after a wall papered with rejection letters, I didn’t give up.

4.       How about the worst? Geesh, I can’t think of anyone who has given me the “worst” advice. I think that’s probably a good thing though.

5.       How do you name your characters? I honestly don’t have a tried and true method. Names just sort of come to me. I also have a baby names book that I use sometimes. Of course, in my first book I used my son’s name as well as the name I would have chosen for a daughter: David and Hope

6.       Do you have anything you have to do while writing? Music? Television? I have to have complete silence. I don’t want a television on; no music. I can’t be distracted.

7.       Thinking about your current work, if it was being made into a movie, who would you pick to play your main characters? Oh wow. For Idolum, I’m honestly not sure. I’ve not given the characters much thought for that one. For Between Worlds (volume 1): The Fine Line I had Robert Downey Jr. picked out to play Matt Gregory. I had Tommy Lee Jones picked out to play the part of Robin’s father. I had Diane Keeton picked out to play Robin’s mom. As for Robin, I have no idea who I would fill her shoes with. Someone new probably.

8.       How are your books being published? What brought you to your publisher? My books are being published through Injected Ink, an imprint of PDMI Publishing. Virginina Jennings actually brought PDMI to my attention and then when I actually got to talk to a live person at the company I was floored. Tc McKinney’s personality and his advice sold me in the first conversation. Then they read my work and offered contract within less than 24 hours.

9.       Any words of wisdom for the aspiring authors out there? DO NOT QUIT! There is someone out there that wants to read what you have written. Even if you can’t get a traditional contract, self-publish. If there are ideas, characters, and a story screaming to get out of your mind and onto paper, write it and then share it with the world!

10.   Part of writing is reading, so what are your two favorite books right now? Devil’s Dilemma is the only one I have read recently. I honestly do not have a whole lot of time to read anymore. There are too many other things going on that take my attention.

11.   How do you get your work from the “crappy first draft” to something polished and shiny? Self-editing, beta readers, copy editors?  All three.

12.   Last one: tell us one thing about you as an author that I didn’t get at with the other questions. I am a paranormal investigator. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. I am the founder of The Southern Ohio Ghost Hunters and Dreaming Big Consulting. I am a marketing coach. That means as a consultant I do not market work; I teach the author how to successfully market their own. I believe that connecting with your local community is very, very important to bringing awareness to your writing as well. Charities that I support include ADHD research, Diabetic research, Breast Cancer research, Wounded Warrior Project, the Humane Society, and Autism research.

If you want to know more, you can find Tracee on Facebook, her website or you can purchase her books on Amazon. Thanks for a great interview Tracee!

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