Friday, March 15, 2013


So I am going to get to take part in my first multi-person blogging event. My date is March 27th, and I'll be answering questions about what I'm working on, how I work, all sorts of things. But on March 20th, one of my fabulous editors, Adrian Smith, will take her turn at it. She's just released Forever Burn, a wonderful novel that everyone should go read. Her blog is and you should all check it out. She writes in the LGBTQ niche, and does so wonderfully. She also lets me pick her brain, makes sense out of my random weird typos and has alerted me to my sinful overuse of conjunctions. Oh, and she puts up with me really randomly messaging her on facebook to discuss a random scene or chapter I'm not happy with.

Next, I'll be letting y'all in on some of my struggles with my current work, so stay tuned!

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  1. haha you're adorable! I love chatting on FB; it means you're really getting in the novel and working out nuances, which is awesome. Also...yes on the conjunctions. =P