Monday, March 25, 2013


As an aspiring author, I know how important it is to write every single day. Some authors treat it like a job, where they write eight hours, five days a week. For me, it's not a job, it's a passion. That might mean I don't write for a week, and the pound out 10k words in a single day(I've done it - my wrists ached for days). Sometimes I stare at the screen and think about what I could be writing, but don't have the energy to put my fingers on the keys.

Today, I wrote a thousand words. It's the first I've written on my new book in 9 days. Yesterday, I added 3k words to The Chosen, so it counts for something. But, it's hard to adjust to the way my life is right now.

I get up around 6, work out with my husband for 60-90 minutes, shower, pack our lunches and head to work, which depending on the day, is either internship, court, or school. I get in between 5:30-8:30, depending on the day. Noelle goes to bed at 8, and I lay down by 11. I'm lucky in that I can write at work sometimes, and in breaks at school. On a good day, I get 3-4 hours to write. On a bad day, I get nothing.

That's life. It's how it goes. A friend is editing her book right now, and I just offered to help. Not because I have the time-I don't really- but because she edits every chapter I produce, and if I can help, I want to. I'm not nearly as good at it as her, but I can do something, so I should.

Wednesday, I'm the featured author in the blog hop. I'm answering your questions about my finished novel. It's great fun, and will give a lot of information about what I'm doing and how I write. If I get some comments, I might even post an excerpt.

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